ClipboardI have been working on a new app, and since it’s new, thought it would be great to explore Universal Apps and the WinRT api. In the past, I have generally worked mostly with the Silverlight versions of Windows Phone development. But, this app would work really well both on the phone, as well as a store app.

As I got to putting some of the final touches on it, I like to place things on the clipboard for a user, when that is what they would like anyways. Its a nice consideration that can save users steps, especially on a touch device. However, when I got to add this in, my Intellisense died. Weird, Clipboard has always been a static object in the past. Well, one quick search found Migrating your Windows Phone 8 app to a Windows Runtime XAML app.

The first main heading is Windows Phone 8 features for which there is no equivilent. Sure enough, first item on the list is Clipboard APIs. I even found Alternatives to Windows APIs in Windows Runtime apps, this page even has the icon saying this is good phone insformation. It suggests to substitute to a new clipboard api, but guess what? This clipboard class is also only for desktop version of WinRT.

For me, this is one the really frustrating aspects about WinRT, it’s not finished. There is no reason a super common feature like the clipboard isn’t available. It’s not even there for 8.1.


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