Unlocked PhoneWhen you create a Windows Phone developer account, you have always been able to developer unlock up to 3 devices. This allows you to run code that isn’t signed by the store on these phones. Like many people this has been fine for me for a while. When I started, two physical test devices worked fine for me. But now that there are so many permutations of hardware, and the fact that I’m writing code that depends on some of it, I try to test out as much as I can on other devices.

If you have more than three devices to test on, it is possible to relock one phone to make room to unlock another. But this is tedious and not really a workable solution.

If you want more devices, and can justify the need for requiring more than the default three, you simply have to ask! If you go to Microsoft’s developer support page, you will see several categories to get assistance with. I clicked on building apps.

From here you’ll see two drop downs. You need to change the drop-downs until you see a “start email” button appear underneath, at the moment, “General Store Dashboard Questions”, and “Other” are a combination that work.

In the email request body, you simply have to explain that you would like your limit raised and why. When I did this, they responded with a few more questions. So be sure to answer these right away as well

  1. How many device unlocks are you asking to increase to?
  2. How many apps are published in the store?
  3. Why do you need more device unlocks?

Within a few days I got my limit raised! As you can see below, I asked for 10 devices. I am not sure how many you can get this raised to, but I am have seen a developer with more than this. For now, this will cover my needs. Now I can develop and test my apps much more quickly without having to do anything more clumsy than simply deploying my app over USB.

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