HololensYesterday I was one of the first //BUILD/ attendees to get some one-on-one time with the Hololens. The units they have for us to try on weren’t the final design, but they were really close.

I was able to do the architect demo that they showed during the keynote. I started with an architectural model in SketchUp on a desktop. I could view the virtual model of the building in the middle of an incomplete architectural model. As I made any modification in the SketchUp, it would update the view in HoloLens live. I could even move the mouse outside the screen and use mouse with the Hololens.I had an immediate grin at this point that didn’t leave my face for the rest of the demo.

In short, it is jaw-droppingly just as good as their best videos show. There was no lag or glitches as I used it. The air gestures worked well, and the gaze interactions are natural and work flawlessly. Looking around objects adjust the perspective in realistic ways. Virtual objects react to real items in the environment, it is just amazing.

One thing that isn’t apparent in the videos though, is that it does not cover your entire visual field. It is a good sized rectangle in front of your face. I forgot all about it when I started using it for tasks, but when I was exploring an open environment,I had to scan more to find items I wanted to interact with.

This is an exciting technology and as soon as it is available, I can’t imagine not getting one.

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